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In 2019, Apple launched a new financial service, the Apple Card, which uses AI algorithms to allocate credit to users based on their financial data.

However, a well-known entrepreneur publicly complained on Twitter that his wife received 20 times less credit than he did, despite having a similar financial history. This incident generated a great deal of distrust in Apple’s technology and its brand in general.

It is important to note that services based on emerging technologies such as AI or IoT can give rise to situations of mistrust, discriminatory bias (based on gender, sexual orientation, race or social category), lack of transparency due to the inability to explain the behaviour of algorithms, inappropriate treatment of people, and manipulation due to information bubbles or fake news.

In this sense, ethics for artificial intelligence is fundamental to ensure the responsible and ethical use of these emerging technologies. Companies and organisations must ensure that their AI solutions are fair, transparent and ethical, and work to avoid any possible bias or discrimination in their use.

Our mission

At Balusian our mission is to help companies manage these situations and ensure responsible design of services based on emerging technologies, design that is aligned with core ethical principles.

Ethics consultancy for AI

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When AI-based algorithms have not been designed according to ethical criteria as defined by frameworks such as the EU or others, situations can arise that have a critical impact on the lives of users.

At Balusian we have developed a framework that allows us to identify this type of potential situations, evaluate the impact that this may have for the organisation and its clients and users, and define an action plan that allows us to minimise the risk through different types of technological and organisational measures. The ultimate goal is to ensure responsible design of smart solutions and appropriate adoption.

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Balusian has a team of professional experts in the ethics of emerging technologies, who help organisations to define multidisciplinary teams made up of technical professionals responsible for the design and implementation of solutions, business managers, as well as third parties who may benefit from the services and at the same time be affected by unforeseen effects. Only through the implementation of ethical committees can responsible design that takes into account all points of view be addressed.

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