Who we are

Certified Professionals

Balusian is a company that provides IT and cybersecurity services thanks to team of senior engineers experts in a variety of technologies such as virtualization, linux systems, web development, data bases, telecommunications, and strategic consultancy.

A personal project

Balusian is above all a personal project that appears due to our interest in the way technology spans and mediates in many aspects of our lives, its impacts and the way they are changed. It’s a vision that goes beyond IT and covers other disciplines and social sciences.

Emerging technologies

Inteligencia Artificial and IOT devices are spanning many aspects of our lives and are becoming o mainstream services. They provide new and amazing improvements completely unknown until now.

At the same time, they are introducing new vulnerabilities and social concerns, due to our direct dependency with them. If a malware, cyberattack or information breach hit critical services equipped with IOT and AI (in smart cities, smart homes, intelligent health systems), concequences will be much deeper than if they hit our current smartphone or laptop.

Our objetive

We help our clients optimize, protect their technology, and make it more trustworthy, with the objective of improving their business.

This vision is extensible to the technology and new services that impact our lives and bodies, with cybersecurity, privacy and ethical consequence: we want to make it more responsible and trustworthy, so the fitting is as optimized as possible.

Pablo Ballarín Usieto

Balusian co-founder, Telecommunications Engineer, Master in Artificial Intelligence.

Pablo provides advisory and strategic services related with cybersecurity (Ciso as a Service, VistualCISO), ethics and trustworthy AI, risk management frameworks and compliance (NIST series, HLEG, ISO 27001, privacy regulations, UE banking regulations). In the last years he has assisted top companies in different domains (retail, banking, telecommunications, public administrations, media, and entertainment) in Europe and South America. He has also worked as IT auditor for telecommunications regulators in South America, he is an Associate Professor and cybersecurity trainer, speaker at different type of events and environments (schools, organizations, …), and  part of the board of ISACA Valencia.

Pablo is also extremely interested in discovering how the emerging technologies (Brain Computer Interfaces, IOT, AI, Smart Cities) impact our behaviors, lives and bodies in terms of privacy, ethical issues and existential risks. He sees it as an hybrid job that combines technology and social sciences.

Borja Ballarín Usieto

Balusian co-Founder, Bachelor of Physical Sciences

IT architect and senior sysadmin for more than 16 years, Borja has worked managing big infrastructures in national and international companies. He is expert in Linux and SOlaris environments, virtualizations services, data storages and backup.

Currently Borja manages Linux servers and virtualizations infrastructures that support critical services of International Organizations.

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