Our Statement of Purposes

Our Statement of Purposes

My brother and I used to spend part of our summers traveling through Europe. My parents would rent a motorhome, or we would just drive by the old Ford Escort and sleep in campings and hotels. From our home city Barcelona, we had the chance to visit Yugoslavia before the war, Czechoslovakia before its dissolution, or Germany just after the wall’s demolition. We barely planned our visits, we never knew if hotels or campings were full or not, and during the long hours we spent in the back seat of the car our hobby consisted of us singing, talking or just teasing each other.

Although those experiences and places remain in our memories, they don’t exist anymore. A whole generation has passed since then, and the same trip with my own family would happen in a completely different way. From one side, historical events have transformed those locations in new countries, and the landscape itself has been transfigured as a result of changes at different levels, such as cultural, political and sociological. At the same time, technological growth has provided us with cloud services and connected devices that have turned those old trips into new forms of experience. Not only can we plan in advance any aspect of the travel (hotel, apartment, restaurant, cars, taxis, outing, cultural events,…), the journey by car itself can be a complete different event due to its embedded software that controls most of its functions, and the displays, smartphones and tablets that won’t allow us to get bored at any time. Life is more efficient as we are able to micro manage it; at the same time, we have introduced new threats related to cybersecurity and lack of privacy.

As the technological growth is exponential, we don’t wait generations to experience major changes anymore. After 50 years of Moore’s Law, technology grows more and more pervasive into most aspects of our lives. Traveling to smart cities with driverless and totally connected cars and embedded technology will be just the tip of the iceberg. It will also be the tip of the iceberg of new impacts and security threats, as the attack surface will have been multiplied through the new services and devices we will introduce.

Two years ago my brother and I decided to launch Ballusian, following up the activities we were already doing separately in IT and cybersecurity, and mixing it up with other passions we had in other non-IT domains. That was our personal project, the way we wanted to take control of our lives. After very interesting projects, partnerships, and of course several brilliant incorporations (Fermin and Thomas), this project is outlining in this main concern: identify how is exponential growing technology impacting human lives and what will be the threats in security and privacy, and define ways to handle them in the most efficient way according to every situation . We are talking those family trips we were mentioning before, but the same goes to any kind of personal experience that will be mediated by technology, such as any form of entertainment, social relationships, health care, human care, …
As reality will be in constant change, change will definitely be the only invariable. New ways of understanding this situation are needed more than ever. We want to be part of this challenge, because we’re trained to it and because we like it.

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