Who am I? What is this? What are we looking for?

Certified profesionals

Balusian is a company that provides IT and cybersecurity services to a variety of organizations. Our consultants are experienced and certified professionals in their fields: virtualization, Unix systems, web development, consultancy and of course cybersecurity.

A personal project

Balusian is, overall, a personal project. It came out of our interest in how technology covers, impacts and transforms a growing number of aspects of life. Our vision goes beyond computer science, it covers other scientific disciplines and social sciences.

Emerging technologies

Biotechnology, robotics, Artificial Intelligence or BMI (Brain-Machine Interfaces) solutions are entering a growing number of facets of daily lives, and they will soon become mainstream services. They will bring incredible improvements to our lives, improvements unknown to us until now.

At the same time, they will introduce new and unsuspected vulnerabilites because of our critical reliance on the new digital devices. After all, the consequences of a virus, denial of service attack or data leak can be catastrophic if they happen on the coming robots that will take care of us or the online medical devices that will keep us alive.

Our goal

Our goal is to study and assess the impact that those coming services and products will have in our lives and bodies, mainly in security and privacy, in order to find new ways to control the most negative effects, and always taking into account the reality of every environment. Our vision is positive: we want technology to fit around us naturally, the best way possible.

Pablo Ballarín Usieto

Co-Founder of Balusian, Telecommunications Engineer, Master of Sciences in Artificial Intelligence.

Cybersecurity expert and IT consultant since 2000. Always updating his training through personal reading, labs, networking and certifications in different areas such as cybersecurity, communications, audit and IT services. Ha has worked for more than 50 clients in Europe and America, carrying out projects in different environments (finances, telecommunication, retail, media, …).

His interest goes beyond the company’s realm, and focuses mainly in emerging industries and its relations with neurology, biology, urbanism and social sciences.

Borja Ballarín Usieto

Co-Founder of Balusian, Physicist.

Senior sysadmin for more than 13 years, Borja has worked managing huge and complex infrastructures in national and international companies. His areas of specialization are Linux and Solaris environments, virtualization solutions, storage and Backup. Currently, Borja manages the Unix/Linux/Solaris servers and virtualization infrastructures that support the ERP services of an important international organization.

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