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IOT (Internet of Things)

It’s only the tip of the iceberg for the coming years. Billions of everyday objects equipped with sensors, storage, data processing capabilities and network interfaces are expected to invade the market. In many cases, security is not the first priority in design, which leads to terrible situations when it mediates with critical human activities or when it generates personal information. As it is a non regulated market, it is very important to know and assess the corresponding risks.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the core behind emerging solutions and services that need to process large amounts of data sets in real time, whether they come from browsers, fintech, telephone logs or images. AI is also related to the robotic industry, from industrial automatization to domestic robots, including support to other sector (legal, medical). If those solutions have problems in design, or if they are the target of external attacks, consequences might be disastrous.


Medical solutions are increasingly adding sensors that generate data from our bodies, and communication interfaces that send this data to centralized applications in order to process it.

It is very important to understand how this data is going to be used, and how this data is going to be protected in order to control any possibility of unauthorized access. Once again, consequences can be disastrous.

BMI (Brain Machine Interface)

BMI is part of a fascinating technology branch that processes data coming from sources such as the EEG (Electro encephalography). It is used in different sectors such as medicine (providing support to different motor and cognitive brain functions), video game industry or education. Although information goes in only one direction (it can “only” be read from our brains), we will probably be able to establish two-way communication in the near future and send messages to the brain. One more time, unauthorized access to those emerging solutions and its information will have unimaginable consequences that will change the rules of the game and lead us to a paradigm shift.

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