Exponential growth of technology

Since the 60s, the number of transistors in a dense integrated circuit, along with the processing power, doubles every 18-24 months …

IMPACTS of exponential growth

Exponential growth of vulnerabilities and the attack surface:
1 bug every 1000-5000 Lines of Code (the more lines, the more potential for bugs)
Exponential loss of privacy:
Automatic generation of personal data, personal activity…
Exponential growth of harrassment:
Voluntary (and involuntary) exhibition of personal practices through Social networks and mobile devices.

Non-mobile technology

* Devices: Servers, workstations
* Located mainly in corporations, secondarily in homes
* Not connected devices

Old school hacking

* Viruses transmitted through CDs and floppy disks
* Mainly script kiddies doing it for fun

Mobile Technology

* Devices: laptops, smartphones, tablets,…
* Located anywhere
* Growing connectivity

The security perimeter is dead

* Raise of BYOD, personal exhibition in Social Networks
* Data robbery as an emerging and lucrative business

Internet of Things

* Common devices: cars, wearables, electrical household appliances,…
* Total connectivity
* Massive generation of data aimed to measure, process, and improve functionnalities

Cybercrime, Cyber espionage, and loss of privacy

* Total connectivity of devices, data centralized in the cloud
* Impacts critical aspects of companies and persons
* Cybercrime as a business, cyber espionage from nation states
* Personal data is a very lucrative business (profiling) Shift

Internet of Everything

* Devices: robots, bodies, minds, homes, cities, …
* Location: mobilization of technology to all aspects of life

Shift of paradigm

* Impact in non-IT areas: biology, neurology, urbanism…
* Cyberwar
* Critical personal information available to Human Resource companies, Government, Assurance companies, …

Who are we? What is this? What are we looking for?

Balusian is a company that provides IT and cybersecurity services to a variety of organizations. Our consultants are experienced and certified professionals in their fields: virtualization, Unix systems, web development, consultancy and of course cybersecurity.

Co-Founder of Balusian, Telecommunications Engineer, Master of Sciences in Artificial Intelligence.

Cybersecurity Professional and IT consultant for more than 17 years. Always updating his training through personal reading, labs, networking and certifications in different areas such as cybersecurity, communications, audit and IT services.

Co-Founder of Balusian, Physicist.

Senior sysadmin for more than 13 years, Borja has worked managing huge and complex infrastructures in national and international companies. His areas of specialization are Linux and Solaris environments, virtualization solutions, storage and Backup. Currently, Borja manages the Unix/Linux/Solaris servers and virtualization infrastructures that support the ERP services of an important international organization.


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